Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Time No Blog

I'm back! It's been a while since I've posted, and a lot has happened since then. I finished my 3 weeks raw à la Tree of Life, and it was an amazing experience. I've also transitioned to my more standard raw food diet which is a balance of 80% raw and 20% cooked.

Here is a break down of how I felt during the entire period of time:

Week 1: The first couple of days went great. I felt energized, inspired, and committed. However, as the week progressed, cravings began to kick in, and I experienced some mild detoxification symptoms. (Fatigue, light-headedness, mild headaches, irregular bowel movements, etc.) Finding the right balance of time to spend on preparing food was difficult. I made it through though.

Sweet Potato Fries... It was a miracle that I was able to resist them... Taylor looks like she's enjoying a rather large piece of bacon. Covered in cheese of course.

Week 2: I definitely felt the cravings kick in during that week. It was really difficult to balance my social life (my friends all eat meat, drink, smoke, etc.) with the dietary choices I was making. I was faced with many situations in which things like nachos, onion rings, pizza, etc. tempted me. It was tough, but the only thing that made me stick with the diet is the results I was noticing. I felt extremely clear headed, happy, balanced, and very energetic. My detox symptoms began to fade after the second half of the week. It was a good stretch.

My new pitcher! Filled with TOL Almond Milk... Thanks for the Sur La Table giftcards Mom and Dad!

Week 3: The only challenge towards the tail end was finding time to make food. I was feeling a bit uninspired, (and broke!) and had a ton of homework to accomplish during this week. I must admit though, I felt at the top of my game. My skin had really cleared up (I have issues with dryness on my nose... it gets flaky sometimes! Kind of gnarly...) and I felt like a raw food machine. I would wake up around 7am alert, and ready to go, and I would be up until midnight without batting an eye. All of my homework and papers from that week got really good marks, and I attribute that to my eating patterns. It was a great way to finish.

English Bulldog puppy skateboarding in Venice Beach... I can't wait to get a dog one day

Post Diet Mayhem: So on the day after the 3 weeks were up, I went over to my friend Azzurra's house for a potluck dinner. I brought a raw salad with Matt Amsden's Orange-Hemp dressing. (I previously couldn't have oranges b/c of their high glycemic index! So this was exciting!) Azzurra made a great meal with several different options (some were purchased at Lemonade in Venice Beach) and it was a great time.

 The spread... (My salad is the top-right dish)

 Azzurra being a good host

The Damage

Although I had a few pieces of mozzarella cheese, I wasn't too worried about what I had eaten. It wasn't until afterwards that the real damage started. Somebody busted out the ingredients for CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. These were organic, but FAR from vegan, and I didn't hold back in the slightest. Those things came out of the oven and went immediately into my stomach, only to later clog up my intestines and negate the past 3 weeks of hard work. Worth it? Psychologically, perhaps. Physically? No. To give you an idea of how hard I fell, I had about 12 of those bad-boys. It was pandemonium.

Raw "Beegan" Chai Sorbet... 
Did I forget to mention I finished that off before the 12 chocolate chip cookies?

Since then, I have been generally pretty balanced, with the exception of last night... (bad choices were made) and I'm ready to hop back on the raw food bandwagon.

Moral of the experiment? Raw food makes you feel amazing. I was happy, productive, calm, and energized... Which is exactly how I would want to live my whole life. :-)




  1. Hats off to you for making it through those three weeks! But DAMN, a DOZEN cookies?! Now that's what I call "leaping off the wagon with style," haha! I can only imagine the subsequent discomfort, but man, fresh hot CC cookies are to-die-for.

  2. Haha thanks Amber. Yeah... I definitely leaped off the wagon, broke my face and rolled in the mud. It was great. Would I do it again? Probably. :-)

  3. Well I guess you had a blast on those weeks. I felt hungry seeing those fries. lol. BTW, your English Bulldog is so cute and adorable with that skateboard in Venice! Really fun idea! :)

    Ann from Dog Housebreaking